WVFLTA Conference Schedule at a Glance

8:00-9:30am Registration and light breakfast.
9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:30-11:30am Plenary Session Room 302-03 Thomas Sauer
11:45-1:00pm Lunch in the cafeteria
1:15-2:00pm Mark Moore – Technology Tips and Tools for the World Language Classroom
2:15-3:00pm Braidi, Amores – Strand #2 Room 301Speaking Up: Techniques for Developing Speaking Ability Ballester, Magee, Ciller – Strand #2 Room 302Teaching the Daily Routine Using the TL Richter – Strand #2 Room 303 Comunicamos – Krashen’s Natural Approach and Scaffolding
3:00pm Light Snacks  
3:15-4:00pm Nicholson-Strands #1 #2 Room 301Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning… Denham –Strand #2 Room 302Flipping the World Language Classroom Magee, Ciller, Raja – Strand #1, #2 Room 303Once upon a time…digital storytelling in the FL Classroom
4:15-5:00pm Gao, Kang, Sun – Strands  #1, #2 Room 301 Working Toward Proficiency in the Five Skills Williams- Strand #3 Room 302Weaving Around the World Devine, Megyesi – Strand #2Room 303

Blended Delivery: Live Teachers Engaging Online Learners with the World

5:15-? Culture Comes Alive! Heavy hors d’oeuvres & live music
8:00-8:30am Registration and light breakfast.
8:30-9:00am Welcome Session – Room 302-03 Brief messages from President and Thomas Sauer

Teacher of the Year Presentation

9:00am-3:00pm Vendors – located in main hallway
9:10-10:00am Association Meetings
10:10-11:00am Poster Presentations HallwayAnna Megyesi (WV Virtual School): 2014 Spanish Immersion Camp Highlights

Elizabeth Sisson (Huntington High School), Cemanahuac Scholarship Recipient

María Morado Vásquez, The Implications of Bilingualism on Language Acquisition

Michelle Leversee and students Don’t Tear Your Hair Out

11:00-12:15pm Luncheon.
12:30-1:15pm Featured workshop with guest speaker Thomas Sauer Room 302-03
1:30-2:15pm Nicholson- Strands #1 & #2 Room 301 Students Ready for the Real World: Using Linguafolio… El-Gali – Strand #3 Room 302Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language:

Issues and Practices


2:15pm Light snacks.
2:45-3:30pm Braidi – Strands #1 & #2 Room 301Meeting the Challenge of Teaching in the TL Nicholson, Crawford WVDE News –   Room 302


3:45 – 4:00pm Closing plenary session. Immediately afterward, executive committee meeting. Room 302/03

2014 WVFLTA Conference October 17-18,2014 FSU

From Theory to Practice

2014 West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association Annual Conference

October 17-18, 2014

Fairmont State University, Fairmont, West Virginia


Keynote Speaker: Thomas Sauer

Special Session with Mark Moore of WVDE




Jjoin us for a weekend of fun and Spanish Speaking in Elkins April 4th & 5th. This is an opportunity to hang out with teachers from around the state, build friendships, and enjoy being immersed in Spanish for a Friday and Saturday. Friday night we get to eat at a delicious Venezuelan restaurant – El Gran Sabor http://www.elgransabor.com/ and Saturday we will be on the beautiful campus of Davis and Elkins College in downtown Elkins. The registration fee of $55 is basically the cost of meals for the event and renting the space at D&E.  Friday Venezuelan Dinner; Saturday snacks and lunch from at Hazlehurst Mansion on campus.

There is still time to register and get ready for a fun weekend for us Spanish teachers.

Dr Julie Seller’s TOY Acceptance Video

Dr Julie Seller’s Speech

Conference Recap

Over 100 World Language Teachers spent October 18-19th at Fairmont University for our Annual West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Conference.  Our keynote speaker was Dr. Donna Clementi, a foreign language methods instructor at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Her remarks and activities were well received by all.  The 2013 Teacher of the Year recipients were  Shirlene Groseclose, of Pocohontas County and Dr. Julie Sellers, formerly of our host university, Fairmont State University. Dr. Sellers arranged a special thank you message.


Many of our teachers lead discussions or dispersed valuable information to all our colleages, both new and seasoned. 

Our conference was also featured on the local 11pm newscast on WBOY TV, watch it here…  http://www.wboy.com/video?clipId=9430471&autostart=true .  Great sound bite from our Outreach Coordinator, Leah Devine, Spanish teacher with the WVDE Virtual School. 

A big thank you to our Board Members and organizers for a wonderful weekend.  Stay tuned on WVFORLAN and our website for planning for next year’s conference – which will be in Fairmont once again.  

WVFLTA Conference 2013 Schedule At A Glance – see you there.

2013 Schedule at a Glance (2)


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