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Teacher of the Year 2016

We encourage your nominations for WV World Language Teacher of the Year 2016. Attached you will find the full nomination form as well as a list of our past honorees. This award helps us to recognize the excellent work being done by our colleagues in West Virginia to expand global proficiency skills. Please help us find and honor those whose work is exemplary.

Nominations from last year are on file but please email the committee members if you would like to re-submit that nomination.

What are the criteria?

  • Member of the WVFLTA for a minimum of five years
  • Two testimonial letters
  • Membership in national professional language-specific organization (AATF, AATSP, AATG, ACL)

The Deadline is May 26th, 2016    

Use this form:  TOY Form 2016

E-mail the committee members with your nominations:


Past winners of the award are:

Year Honoree K-12 Honoree College
1982 Roger Smith – Ripley HS  
1983 Clara White – Fairmont Sr. HS  
1984 Terri Marlow – Parkersburg HS  
1985 Robin Snyder – St. Albans HS  
1986 Eniko Pfunder – Bridgeport Jr. HS  
1987 Janet Rea – St. Mary’s HS  
1988 Ede Ashworth – Brooke HS  
1989 Paulette Metcalf – Morgantown HS  
1990 Margaret Ragni – Linsly School  
1991 Bernice Husk – Mt. de Chantal  
1992 Denise McNeel – Pocahontas Co.  
1993 Gertraud Irwin – Morgantown HS  
1994 Joyce McGeehan – Brooke HS  
1995 Kelly Moore – Mt. de Chantal  
1996 none  
1997 Joanne Fawcett – Magnolia HS Pauline Nelson – Bethany
1998 Brad Martin – Elkins HS  
1999 Teresa Law – Parkersburg HS Mary Frye- WV State
2000 Margaret Dolan – Wheeling Park HS Juergen Schlunk – WVU
2001 Debora Nicholson – Bridgeport HS  
2002 David Marlow – Parkersburg HS  
2003 James Cimino- Fairmont Senior HS  
2004 Nicoletta Villa Sella – Linsly School  
2005 Joseph McBride, Woodrow Wilson HS Sandra Dixon – WVU
2006 none  
2007 Nancy Ryan- Hedgesville HS   
2008 John Averill Valerie Lastinger, WVU
2009 Marchetía Bailey  Rebecca Conner, WVSU
2010 Blanca Skaggs Harald Menz, Bethany
2011 Anna Megyesi Maria Amores, WVU
2012 Mary Jane Williams Angel Tuninetti, WVU
2013 Shirlene Groseclose Julie Sellers, FSU
2014 Michelle Leversee Del Chrol, MU
2015 Jenny Santilli none

Cultural Mini-Grants 2016

West Virginia World Language teachers have the opportunity to obtain Cultural Mini-Grants to increase language and cultural proficiency in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Grants of up to $300 per school for a total of up to $3000 will be awarded by the West Virginia Foreign Language Teacher’s Association during the 2016 school year. West Virginia World Language teachers of grades pre-K through adult are invited to apply.

WVFLTA Cultural Mini Grant Application 2016

Funds will be awarded for cultural projects that lead to great understanding of the diverse cultures of the world.

Funds may be used to: host a cultural event for the class/school/or community, bring in a guest speaker or artist, attend a cultural event related to the language(s) you teach, purchase items to be used the cultural project.

All grant recipients will be required to present at the subsequent WVFLTA conference (October 7 & 8, 2016). Presentations may be but are not limited to: Poster sessions, Digital Poster Session, Realia or Student work, or a student cultural presentation.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year. The first reading will be April 15th, 2016 and then applications will be reviewed on the 15th of each month until all funds have been allocated. If funds remain after the initial round of grants, grants will be awarded on a rolling basis for approved projects until funds have been exhausted. Receipts will be required for all funds allotted.

Previous recipients are invited to apply for grants during the 2016 cycle. Projects that have been previously funded may be funded again up to $300. Preference may be given to new applicants and projects.

WVFLTA Fall Conference 2016

WVFLTA Fall Conference 2016

Target Proficiency: Aim for the Core!

October 7-8, 2016

Call for Proposals 2016 Form


The 6 ACTFL Core Practices:

  • Use Target Language for Learning

  • Design Communicative Activities

  • Teach Grammar as Concept and Use in Context

  • Use Authentic Cultural Resources

  • Plan with Backwards Design Model

  • Provide Appropriate Feedback


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