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Cultural Mini-Grants 2016

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West Virginia World Language teachers have the opportunity to obtain Cultural Mini-Grants to increase language and cultural proficiency in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Grants of up to $300 per school for a total of up to $3000 will be awarded by the West Virginia Foreign Language Teacher’s Association during the 2016 school year. West Virginia World Language teachers of grades pre-K through adult are invited to apply.

Mini-Grant Application Form

Funds will be awarded for cultural projects that lead to great understanding of the diverse cultures of the world.

Funds may be used to: host a cultural event for the class/school/or community, bring in a guest speaker or artist, attend a cultural event related to the language(s) you teach, purchase items to be used the cultural project.

All grant recipients will be required to present at the subsequent WVFLTA conference (October 7 & 8, 2016). Presentations may be but are not limited to: Poster sessions, Digital Poster Session, Realia or Student work, or a student cultural presentation.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year. The first reading will be April 15th, 2016 and then applications will be reviewed on the 15th of each month until all funds have been allocated. If funds remain after the initial round of grants, grants will be awarded on a rolling basis for approved projects until funds have been exhausted. Receipts will be required for all funds allotted.

Previous recipients are invited to apply for grants during the 2016 cycle. Projects that have been previously funded may be funded again up to $300. Preference may be given to new applicants and projects.


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